Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I was reading the sports section on Wednesday, Dec. 27, (which I rarely do), and I briefly read the account of the Jazz’s loss to Denver.

Since I am not a basketball fan (I’m not even sure of the game rules), I was bewildered by comments made by Jazz player Rodney Hood, and his feeble excuse for the loss:

“We haven’t been in the gym really in the past couple of days;” “Yesterday was a good day, we needed that day to be with our family;” “I think we will play better tomorrow.”

Poor baby. Isn’t it his job to give maximum effort and preparation for the upcoming game? Don’t Jazz fans deserve better?

Years ago when I was first married with young children, I was a sea-going engineer. I worked seven days a week to provide for my family. Holidays were just like any other day.

So please Mr. Hood, do not use holidays as an excuse for poor performance. Do the job you are well paid to do.

Alan Carabine