Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

To everyone who has an opinion on Boy Scouts of America’s decision to let girls join the program, I thank you for your insight and respect for everyone’s point of view. And while BSA intends to start a program that will begin to integrate girls into BSA by having “Girls Only Troops,” it still does not change the core argument that BSA is changing the dynamic of Boy Scouts. This is the first step to the inevitable merger of male and female troops.

While co-ed troops do exist and are successful in other countries, we only hear of the upsides of these troops because no one wants to talk about the downsides. I have no doubt that there are problems that never reach the public.

I agree with those who have stated that the Boy Scout program would benefit girls in many ways; there are girls who want to learn the outdoor skills and codes of conduct taught by the Boy Scouts. I have no problem with that aspect of this proposal. But wouldn’t it serve girls better if the Girl Scout Program was updated, instead of throwing 107 years of Boy Scout history and tradition out the window?

My concern is the continuing erosion of traditional programs for boys just because they do not include girls or other groups within our society. Why is it OK for girls to have a girls-only organization but not OK for boys to be exclusive?

There are ways to stop this, though. Many petitions, have sprung up from Scouts and their families. I encourage you to add your name to show BSA that a group of administrators can’t change a program for millions of boys.

Rik Bhattacharyya

State College, Pennsylvania