In the University of Utah fight song it says …We'll fight for dear old crimson for a Utah Man/Fan am I!

Georgia Tech’s fight song includes this line: Oh! If I had a daughter, sir, I’d dress her in white and gold…

One of Utah State’s fight songs says: The Aggie blue and fighting white…

Those are colleges.

Still, their colors are a tradition, as are professional team colors.

Everyone gets alternate uniforms nowadays. A black version is the minimum. But the Jazz took it a step further by revealing their Nike “City Edition.”

The uniforms are orange. And red. And burgundy. And some colors I that ran together in the washing machine.

I’ve known many marketing people and understand about selling apparel. When BYU went with its tan and dark blue uniforms, in the Gary Crowton era, I was told the change would sell more shirts than traditional royal blue. I didn’t love it. But at least it was mostly blue.

This is orange.

The color scheme might pay tribute to Utah’s color country, but I can’t picture many Jazz fans — even in Moab and St. George — liking it.

Not if you grew up watching the Jazz.

Fans can buy gold Jazz stuff, yellow Jazz stuff, blue stuff, green stuff, purple stuff, black stuff. But do we really need orange and burgundy stuff?

Marketing people say yes.

I say leave it for the Houston Astros.