Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Our representatives did it again.

With the passage of our government’s tax reform package, it is becoming more and more apparent that the national religion is pure, unbridled capitalism; our faith is vested in money, and our gods are the billionaires.

Ronald Reagan started a process of deregulation with his “supply-side” economics that unraveled the checks and balances of sound investing. It has carried over through both Republican and Democratic-led governments and was at the root of the savings and loans crisis in the '80s, the real estate bubble of 2008, and continues through the devious financial speculation that persists on Wall Street. Why don’t we learn from our mistakes?

Our system seems to be intrinsically flawed. We claim we are a free, democratic country, but when only 20 percent of the eligible voters actually vote, and wealthy individuals and corporations (and other nations) sway votes through nonprofit political action companies, TV ads, Twitter statements, lobbyists and movements such as Citizens United, etc., can we call this a democracy? When the country owes trillions in debt, are we actually free? I suppose a type of freedom would be the ability to choose between a gazillion types of toothpaste, but is this the freedom our Founding Fathers envisioned, and is it sustainable? Aren’t we putting ourselves in economic chains and destroying the freedom of future generations when we live off of borrowed money?

Representatives seem to only represent themselves and sell themselves to the highest bidder. Let’s be wise and use our vote with greater scrutiny. Let’s be frugal and live within our means, pay off our debts, be self-sufficient and learn to do useful things for when we again find ourselves in the jaws of government-promoted economic downturns.

Lisa Aedo