Former Utah and Copper Hills High standout Sealver Siliga knew how to make a restaurant staff’s day on Christmas Eve.

The defensive tackle who now plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went to a Tampa-area Applebee's Restaurant following the Buccaneers’ 22-19 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday and gave a generous tip, as first reported by TMZ.

According to ESPN, Siliga went to Applebee’s with some friends and when it came time to pay the bill around 10:30 p.m., Siliga asked how many employees were still working. He learned that there were 10, then asked the manager to split a $1,000 tip evenly among them, ESPN reported.

A photo associated with the TMZ story showed a receipt with the $1,000 tip on a $256.93 check.

One of the employees working that night was server Elizabeth Reyes.

“I wasn’t even around that area. I had like a complete different area. And then this amazing man just blesses us — all of us,” Reyes told ESPN, saying she’d never received a tip that large before. “He was so thoughtful to think of like the cooks in the back that are cleaning up, the dishwasher, too. That was extremely generous.”

Colby Pearson sharing scripture for Christmas

Former BYU wide receiver Colby Pearson recently re-signed with the Green Bay Packers to the team’s practice squad, and he appeared to have a unique gift for a teammate.

Two days before Christmas, he shared a video on social media of himself placing a Book of Mormon in a gift bag, then walking over to a locker. During the video, he panned up to show the locker belonged to All-Pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

While there was no confirmation that Pearson indeed gave Rodgers the Book of Mormon as a gift, this came two days after Pearson said the quarterback asked him what his favorite Book of Mormon scripture was.

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Kansas City coach Andy Reid, a former BYU player and graduate assistant, knew how to properly celebrate a Christmas Eve win.

Following the Chiefs’ 29-13 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, which clinched the AFC West title for Kansas City, the coach dressed up as Santa Claus.