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Monica Moore Smith acts as the newest member of a Christmas anxiety support group in a recent LDS Living video, listing all of the things she should be doing in preparation for the holidays.

SALT LAKE CITY — A recent LDS Living video depicts what a Christmas anxiety support group might look like for LDS women coping with the stress of doing too much during the holidays.

The support group session starts by welcoming a new member to the group, who insists she is “perfectly fine,” but really should be listening to Mariah Carey Christmas songs while making centerpieces for a ward party, baking her annual gingerbread Temple Square tableau and inventing cocoa recipes to give to friends and family.

“The first step is getting past denial, or you’ll truly go nutcrackers,” the group leader encourages the new member.

The women share stories of spending 49 straight hours on Pinterest and regifting holiday goodies to neighbors. But in the end, the group learns to accept that everyone celebrates Christmas a little differently.

“Let’s remember what the holiday is really all about,” the group leader says. “You ladies do so much Christlike work every day. Cut yourself some slack.”

Watch the video here.

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