Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Charity is giving love, compassion, kindness and service to others in any capacity. If all the people in all the world would take a break from self-focus and for a few minutes a day give one small service, that’s over 7 billion acts a day.

Service starts with love and concern for others around you. One afternoon a few years back, my family and I were driving down the street and saw two men on a park bench. It was just following Christmas and they looked cold and alone. We had some things in our car that we gave to the men.

As my aunt and mother sat listening to them, I walked back to the car because I was cold. I walked with my head down unconcerned with my surroundings in a self-focused state. Then when I looked up, I saw him standing there. A man with a plastic bag on one foot and a cast on the other. He looked at me as I approached and asked if I had just one pair of socks to spare. He had seen us give the other men many things, and all he asked for was one pair of socks to cover his freezing feet. As I dug through the car and pulled out the socks, the man began to cry. As I handed him the socks, the relief on his face was impossible to miss. He reached out and hugged me, repeating an irreplaceable thank you.

Instead of walking with our heads down thinking about how we feel as individuals, we must always be aware of those around us. We cannot help others if we are blind to their need. Compassion only happens when we notice help is needed.

Having charity is essential to making the world a better place. No service is too small, there is beauty in simplicity. You can change individual lives, and we can change the world together.

Sadie Hansen

West Jordan