Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

This is my wish list for 2018:

I wish that the richest and most powerful people in this country wouldn't continue to make themselves richer but would establish a system that could level out our shameful economic inequality.

I wish that a more accurate history of this country was taught to us so that we wouldn’t continue to repeat it and ignore the systematic injustice that still takes place.

I wish that we would do something more significant to combat climate change.

I wish that organic food would be accessible for everybody and processed food that is close to poisonous would be banned from our store shelves.

I wish that education would be our priority and we would value our teachers enough to compensate them properly.

I wish that we would create a new system for children to learn with more tangible experiences that allow individual creativity and imagination to develop.

I wish that art would be seen and valued as an essential contributor to our culture.

I wish that gun violence and police brutality would be taken more seriously and we would work to improve and eventually diminish the unjustified deaths of innocent people.

My last wish would be that people would be open to hearing another opinion that is different than their own and realize that another person’s struggle doesn’t take away from their’s. If we could learn to listen and be compassionate for each other we could really change this world.

So here’s to the power of the people and hope for a better world.

Laja Field

Salt Lake City