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Fire dancers at Hawaii luau show, polynesian hula dance men jugging with fire torches.

On Wednesday, the Utah State Aggies signed defensive lineman Hale Motu'apuaka out of Hawaii, which surely will be counted as a major achievement in his life.

But it's not his most impressive feat. As told by Hawaii Magazine's Tracy Chan in a Q&A with Motu'apuaka earlier this year, the 6-foot-2, 290-pounder from Honolulu's Punahou School is a six-time junior world fireknife champion.

Chan tells of the history of fireknife dancing, writing that in Samoan culture, the knife dance became an important part of honoring special visitors.

"The knives are sharp, the fire is real," Chan writes. "It’s an art that requires great coordination, concentration and timing."

In discussing the role fireknife dancing plays in his life, Motu'apuaka said, "When you get up on that stage, you can literally feel the drums shaking the stage. You feel all pumped and your adrenaline is running. Your mindset changes and you just go. You enjoy what you do. The drumming is what really pumps me up."

Here is a video of Motu'apuaka and some others in action.