Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

On Veterans Day weekend, a group of Vietnam veterans, including myself, had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of flying from Salt Lake City to visit Washington, D.C., and the various memorials, including the Vietnam War Memorial.

This all occurred as the result of Utah Honor Flight and the generous sponsorship of Nate Wade Subaru of Salt Lake City.

I want to thank Utah Honor Flight chairman Mike Turner, Steve Snow, the Honor Flight staff and Nate Wade Subaru, all whose selflessness and dedication to veterans saw to it that this group of Vietnam veterans had the opportunity of feeling appreciated and recognized.

For most, if not every, veteran returning to Salt Lake City from D.C., we experienced the long-overdue feeling of being "welcomed home." People in the Salt Lake City and Baltimore airports overwhelmed us with their applause, handshakes and greetings of "Welcome home" and "Thank you for your service." I believe that I can speak for many of the vets in saying that our hearts were filled by these gestures and our eyes a bit teary.

Once again, thanks to the Honor Flight personnel and especially Nate Wade Subaru for making this possible. Your efforts were over the top and very much appreciated.

Tom Rose