Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I am a high school student in a small town and an issue that I have noticed is mental health and the stigma surrounding it. There are students with depression and anxiety that don’t receive the help and attention that they need. It is an issue that doesn’t seem to be taken seriously. Students that are having trouble feel like they can’t ask for help and don’t want others to know about their problem. I think that one way to help fix this problem is to better educate youth and even children about mental health, what it is, how to get help with it. People also need to realize that just because it is a mental disease doesn’t mean that it isn’t a valid problem. People often have a hard time talking about mental health. By informing people, they will be able to better talk about it, and those suffering will be able to come forward and get the help that they need.

Mental health is a problem that we can’t ignore any longer. We need to address the issue by educating and informing students and others. Society needs to change to allow people to get the help that they need.

Mette Williams

Enterprise, Washington County