Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

The old wartime posters with the warning "Loose talk costs lives" may need to be updated given Twitter and the various forms of "social" media, especially for politicians.

We have all sent off that email too swiftly, and sometimes to the whole office, although the worst that could probably happen is the opportunity to find a new job. The concern is what happens when messages are sent without apparent thought by the world leaders. The passing comment in 1984 by President Reagan that they had solved the Russian problem — "We begin bombing in five minutes" nearly started a nuclear war.

The modern version of quick-fire commentary is President Trump's Twitter account, which is perhaps overused. The latest controversial tweet seeming to support British right-wing organizations can be considered a poor choice and at least offensive to the British people that he is intending to visit as a "friend."

The words of our leaders should inspire and provide a direction for their citizens to follow, so perhaps they should be few, significant and released through official channels. We do live in a world of Twitter and Facebook, but any significant messages can be re-sent by a number of systems.

Stop, think, rethink and then speak.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia