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According to USA Today, the Alpine hamlet of Albinen wants more residents. So much so that the Swiss village is willing to pay a family of four $70,000 to make the trip.

A village in Switzerland will literally pay you to live there.

According to USA Today, the Swiss village Albinen wants more residents — so much so that it is willing to pay a family of four $70,000 to make the trip.

The village recently voted on the concept in a referendum. Fewer than half of the village’s residents (100 of the 248 who live there) voted on the referendum. About 71 approved the vote, which will pay adults $25,000 each and children $10,000.

The Alps region, made up of countries along the Alps mountain range, hopes to “bring life back to the village" of Albinen, the community’s website said, according to USA Today.

But there are some restrictions. Candidates must be from Switzerland, younger than 45 years old and interested in buying a home that costs at least $200,000.

“We have to seize this chance with all the means at our disposal,” Mayor Beat Jost wrote on the website, according to USA Today.

He said the move “is an investment in our future,” too.

Residents, including many families, have moved away in great numbers over the last few years, according to Business Insider.

In fact, the local school shut down after three families left the area, Swiss news agency ATS reported.

Why the exodus? The town doesn’t have a lot of job opportunities, Business Insider reported.

“It's not that the village in uninhabitable — quite the contrary. The small town, though not a metropolis by any imagination, is quite beautiful, clean, and there’s even a nice spa nearby,” according to Business Insider. “Of course, there aren’t many jobs (and the subsidy from the town isn’t quite enough for an annual salary), but there are bigger towns close by where you can work. Or, even better, maybe you can get a remote job and work from your gorgeous new Swiss home.”

Cities in Italy and Switzerland have previously offered cash for relocation, and it doesn't always work out, according to BBC News.

For example, the mayor of the Italian town Bormida wondered if the community could consider offering 2,000 euros ($2,373.88) for people to relocate to Bormida. The idea went viral with multiple news reports and nearly 17,000 people were interested in moving there.

Mayor Daniele Galliano later walked back his idea, saying the community didn’t have the money to invest. Recently, though, Bormida has been considering adding a bonus for people who relocate.

Meanwhile, the Italian town of Candela has lured families by offering cash. Singles, couples and families all receive a bonus when they relocate to the medieval town.

As for Albinen? Well, the city estimates it can pay five to 10 families for the next five years. BBC News recommends applying.

“With a figure of 25,000 francs per adult, the council estimates it can afford to pay five to 10 families over the next five years, at most. But for those lucky few who meet the conditions, it's free money — and a truly spectacular view over breakfast.”