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Morgan Jones
Dallyn Bayles sings at Hi Five Live's Facebook Live #LightTheWorld broadcast.

Hi Five Live began in the minds of four men who frequently speak to LDS youth just eight months ago, but on Friday night, they brought together names like Dallyn Bayles, Stuart Edge, Clint Pulver, Hilary Weeks, Brad Wilcox and BYU’s Noteworthy for a Facebook Live broadcast in honor of the first day of #LightTheWorld.

In the Facebook Live broadcast that, as of Saturday morning, has been viewed over 45,000 times and shared over 525 times, these speakers and artists each shared a spiritual thought with people watching from all around the world.

“I firmly believe in the #LightTheWorld campaign,” Bayles said. “I think it’s a phenomenal thing to spread service and light throughout the whole world and I think especially now this world needs more of a spirit of light and service and hope, so I’m grateful to be able to promote that.”

Kori Andrews, Michael White, Randy Clegg and David Palmer originally started Hi Five Live, a Facebook page and website that posts live video content daily in an effort to share the stories of Latter-day Saints around the world.

"We started Hi Five Live eight months ago because we wanted to prove to the world that God still is working miracles among us," White said. "And we figured the best and most convenient way of showing that from ourselves and also others around the world was through Facebook Live."

They later welcomed Tanner Hutchens as a fifth member of the team. And on Friday night at Rock Canyon Studios in Provo, the Hi Five Live team managed to pull off the unique live broadcast.

Weeks said she wanted to be a part of the broadcast because she is grateful for the reminder that #LightTheWorld provides.

“It just reminds me that all the little acts of service that we do make a difference,” Weeks said. “They’re little acts that in some cases we may not even remember and the people we serve may not even remember but do they have the power to light the world? Yes. And even though we can’t possibly remember all the small acts of kindness and goodness that we do, it becomes the sum of the good in the world. And I just love the reminder to reach out and to do good.”

Clint Pulver, whose video about an elementary school teacher who made a difference in his life was viewed over a million times on Hi Five Live, shared that, as a drummer, his favorite Christmas song is “The Little Drummer Boy.”

“The cool part that I love about the drummer boy’s story is that despite what he may have felt, despite the reservation, he still chose to give and he gave with what he had,” Pulver said.

Watch the entire broadcast here.