Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Here we go again: Release the "Phase 2 Scenarios" on Tuesday; publicize it in the paper on Wednesday; schedule public hearings (during the busiest season of the year for many) on that very same Wednesday and the next day; rush to a decision by January, well before any serious public discussion can take place; saddle unsuspecting taxpayers with a multibillion-dollar burden before they know what hit them.

This is the prison relocation scam on steroids. And the one question that really needs to be answered is nowhere to be seen: "Where, in this most arid of states, do we get the water supply to support all this high-density development?" This kind of thinking is why Mr. Dolan will no longer be in the Sandy mayor's chair going forward. What's your rush? Are you politicians and developers afraid people will see what you're up to and who profits by it and want to have an actual voice in the process?

Michael Abel