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Liz Darger, a BYU athletics administrator, recently described the program's increased focus on diversity and inclusion for race and ethnicity, LGBTQ, and persons of other faiths in an article for WashingtonTimes.com.

PROVO — For the past year, Brigham Young University's athletics administration has made a greater effort to appreciate diversity in and outside the BYU community, with particular focus towards race and ethnicity, LGBTQ and persons of other faiths.

In an article recently published on WashingtonTimes.com, Liz Darger, a BYU athletics administrator, described this journey and how her LDS faith played a role.

"Each day, in my professional and personal life, I hope my devout love of God shows in the way I treat others, particularly those with different lived experiences," Darger wrote in the article.

BYU's participation in the NCAA's "Common Ground" initiative, which connects LGBTQ advocates with athletic administrators, has been a large part of this process in gaining a broader perspective and sharing in a national discussion, Darger wrote.

While attending meetings in Indianapolis, Darger said she was part of some "emotionally charged dialogue," which broke down barriers and helped her to better appreciate these issues.

Since then, Darger has invited Amy Wilson, NCAA Director of Inclusion, to speak to BYU student-athletes and helped to create a Diversity and Inclusion Council, among other things, to help BYU be a more accepting place. She has also leaned on her testimony of the LDS Church, which owns BYU.

"The result of these amazing experiences is that we have added diversity and inclusion curriculum ... helping us better accomplish the BYU Mission Statement educational goal that 'all relationships within the BYU community should reflect devout love of God and a loving, genuine concern for the welfare of our neighbor,'" Darger wrote.

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