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Letter to the Editor

Mr. Robert Goss, of American Fork, mentioned many “rookie” mistakes Trump has made in the early days of his presidency (though not elaborated on), and his immature tweets and offending of people on both the right and left ("I hope President Trump will learn on the job to serve the American people," Nov. 21).

Goss states that he has worked with many government leaders over the years — presidents, state and local leaders — and says his main reason for not voting for Trump was that he “had not held any elected office anywhere." That is the main reason not to vote for Trump?

I didn't vote for him for these reasons: his constant lies and misrepresentation of facts; his constant name-calling, mocking and demeaning of his opponents and anyone critical of him; his claim to speak for the working middle class when most of his life has been self-serving, frequently at the expense of the little guy; his frequent business failures, bankruptcies and settlements for fraud and discrimination; climate-change denier; his frequent derogatory comments about immigrants and minorities offended me, as well as his plan to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it; his continual bluster and braggadocio on “Celebrity Apprentice” years before.

Most importantly, he claimed to care about Christian values, yet he had a very public extramarital affair with a woman who later became his middle wife, plus he was caught bragging about how being famous gave him free rein to sexually assault women, and he was accused of that very thing by more than a dozen women. In fact, many of his public comments about women over the years have been demeaning. His lack of political and governing experience was the least of my reasons.

Becky Hepworth

South Jordan