Twitter pic, via @ZadockDinkelma1

Zadock Dinkelmann, who committed to LSU as an eighth-grader, says he remains committed to BYU as of today in the aftermath of BYU releasing his uncle, Ty Detmer, from duties as the Cougars' offensive coordinator earlier this week.

"I am committed to BYU," said Dinkelmann. "Right now, that's how I want to describe it. I'm waiting for the dust to settle on things and I prefer not to comment further on the situation."

Dinkelmann threw for more than 300 yards with more than 20 completions in a 4A Texas state playoff loss to China Springs last Friday, despite losing one of his receivers to injury.

"Right now, I've switched from football and I'm playing on the basketball team," he said. "We're looking forward to having a very good team and I'm excited about that."

Considered one of the top two pro-set quarterbacks in Texas, Dinkelmann was named player of the week for the entire state of Texas in 4A for a performance.