Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt continues to press for climate damaging policies even as new meteorological and medical reports warn of greater consequences from global warming. Pruitt wants to scrap U.S. efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that are causing more violent storms and killing more people.

A study published by atmospheric scientists predicts that global warming will bring stronger storms with up to 80 percent more rain. A November report by the medical journal Lancet found that rising CO2 emissions linked to global warming will likely produce "a steep rise in heat-related mortality." And Salt Lake County's new "Climate Adaptation Plan" expects increasingly costly environmental, health and economic dangers for the Beehive State.

Despite these warnings, and a U.S. government report linking manmade CO2 to global warming, Pruitt wants to repeal the Clean Power Plan (CPP) that would reduce CO2 emissions by 32 percent. He wants to sacrifice our children's future to save the coal industry.

Fortunately, citizens can still voice support for the CPP and against CO2 pollution. Let the EPA know that Utahns side with science.

Stanley Holmes

Salt Lake City