Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Why aren't our leaders willing to properly support our country? Look at how deficient our military ships and personnel are over this last period of time. We need to return to the requirement that all persons serve in the military (with few exceptions). Right now, there are far too many leaders that do not comprehend the basic needs of our military, let alone its more complex needs. If there is a big war to get into, there will be no one in the government who can comprehend those needs. Our business leaders are like 3-year-olds trying to get the last toy when some bigger bully is near and will take all their goodies. Our Congress is deep in the sand piles with their heads clear up to their shoulders so they will not see what is in their reality. The most troubled ones are the Republicans, who want to see no evil, hear no evil and blame all others for their screwups. When will they properly care for the USA?

David Hall