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Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Colton Satterfield, Salt Lake City, competes during BMX Dirt Semi-Finals at the Dew Tour in Salt Lake City Friday, Sept. 9, 2011.

Two-time X Games gold medalist and Salt Lake City native Colton Satterfield announced last week that he has decided to part ways with Monster Energy, a highly coveted sponsorship. After expressing his gratitude for Monster’s sponsorship up to this point, Satterfield explained that the decision was not one he “made lightly.”

“Getting such an energy drink sponsor is a big achieving step in action sports; they provide more than just financially, they help their athletes in many ways,” his statement said, according to VitalBMX.com. “The decision was not a light one by any means. I regret something seemingly so small, to some, as logos and various marketing, has to divide us; but I know it is the correct decision for me.”

Satterfield later elaborated on the decision, sharing his testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with VitalBMX.

“It is His church,” Satterfield said in a post on his Instagram account, where he has shared many religious posts in the past few months. “Something not long ago I would have sadly discounted. But it is in actual reality true. God can show you this far better and more profound than even logically getting it.”

Satterfield’s Instagram bio includes “LDS” and he recently posted a video of another man sharing his conversion to the LDS Church on his Facebook profile with the following caption:

“Your life is short, make it worth it; love everyone. The truth of this is far beyond all and any philosophical understandings. It is true. Christ and God are real, and that's why you're here. God is so good."