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Letter to the Editor

Here’s a simple question: Would you rather receive $3 per week or $1,500 per week?

A no-brainer, right?

Not for our Utah congressional delegation. In the GOP tax plan they support, a Utah family earning a decent but not extravagant income of $83,000 a year would receive a piddling annual tax break of $160. That’s $3 a week, or about 0.2 percent of your annual income. But if you pull in $750,000, your tax break will be $75,000, fully 10 percent of your annual income and almost $1500 a week.

It’s exactly backwards. A 10 percent tax break for an $83,000 family is $8,300. That’s $160 a week (a week, not a year), enough to make a real difference to a middle-class family. Multiply that by nine families, and you get the same $750,000 tax break spread out over nine — count ‘em, … nine — families who really need it.

The top 1 percent don’t need a 10 percent tax break. You do. I do. Lower- and middle-income families do.

Come on, Utah delegation. Give us a break.

Scott Bell

West Jordan