Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Sex and violence in popular culture and on the internet do have the possibility to be accessed by those underage toward whom the content would be deemed inappropriate. However, the regulations and restrictions regarding such material are fair, just and do provide enough protection from sensitive material, when used correctly.

Kids can use media as an outlet, which can release their hostility in the safety of a virtual environment and reduce real-life aggression. Real violence and video game violence are not the same thing and do not cause numbness or increase likelihood of genocide. Other factors such as mental conditions and medical disorders, rather than media influence, play a role in the likelihood of one to commit a crime.

Increased protection and restrictions have already been created as a separate resource and are available for parents to access and use. There are many widely available protection programs or filters such as the v-chip that can be installed and personally programmed. Parental restrictions have proved to be the most beneficial and eliminate problems caused by outside rating systems’ conflicts of interests.

Restrictions on sex and violence are already available, and increased restrictions would not have an effect on decreasing crime or preserving children’s innocence.

Morgan Miner

Washington, Washington County