Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Recently in my high school political science class, we have been discussing how political labels such as “conservative” and “liberal” cannot fully categorize a diverse population. That is why I am writing to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your recent article about homemakers and politics (“Homemakers are just as likely to be Democrats as Republicans,” Nov. 15). It attests to the fact that in our varied population today, people cannot be categorized just by their careers and political beliefs. One’s background, beliefs and knowledge are all part of who we are and how we act. I just want to thank you for reaffirming what I had learned in the classroom translates to real life.

Being raised in a home with a homemaker, I can further confirm the differing views on political issues, and I agree with homemakers across the nation who put education and development over political statements. It is imperative to developing the next generation. My parents may not have taken me to political rallies, but they encouraged us to watch and read the news, with open minds, not forcing their political views upon us. Once again, I would like to thank you for the eye-opening and educational article.

Ellie Prisbrey