Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I read the recent op-ed by Lew Cramer regarding the relationship between education excellence and per-student funding ("Can Utah achieve top status in education excellence?" Nov. 12). Detractors of more funding for education like to argue, "if you want to pay more, simply donate to the schools."

I already donate to my children's schools. I have for years. But do you think a district can offer positions to thousands of teachers merely on donations? No wonder teachers are leaving left and right. And what about children in communities where parents don't have the means to donate — do they deserve a second-class education?

Put another way, since my house has never burned down, I really don't want to pay more toward the fire department. When sufficiently funding neighborhood services becomes optional, we're doomed.

Everyone in a community benefits from collectively investing in a child's education, from young families yet to have children to retired grandparents. We have homeroom classes with 30-plus students, and too many kids are being left behind.

I want safe and strong neighborhoods just as much as my neighbors, and that begins with funding quality learning environments.

Abby Hawkins

Cedar Hills