Video screengrab
Former BYU player Jeff Chatman has an altercation with former Washington State player LaVar Ball in a game in 1987.

SALT LAKE CITY — Whether it's a Twitter feud with U.S. President Donald Trump over his son's liberation from China or criticizing the Los Angeles Lakers for "babying" his oldest son, LaVar Ball's name continues to find its way into the headlines.

But did you know Ball has a connection to BYU basketball?

On Dec. 3, 1987 — nearly 30 years ago — Ball scored two points for Washington State in a 60-54 loss to BYU in Pullman, Washington.

Jeff Chatman, then a senior for BYU, has a DVD of the game and shared two clips on Facebook in August. The first clip shows Chatman, No. 24 in blue, score two of his 20 points while being guarded by Ball, No. 21 in white.

The second clip shows one of the game's more memorable moments for Chatman as he and Ball jostle for position before an out-of-bounds play.

"The only thing he did was talk smack the whole game," Chatman told the Deseret News this week.

Chatman said he never imagined Ball would be as recognized as he is today.

"When I watch all the attention he is getting I just can't believe he's the same guy I played against so long ago," said Chatman, who celebrated his 52nd birthday Wednesday.

Chatman, an Alabama native, played basketball at BYU from 1984 to 1988. While there, Chatman joined the LDS Church.