Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Matthew Piper wrote a remarkable article on the front page of the Nov. 16 Deseret News headlined "Flake hopes Romney runs, replaces him as Trump critic." Piper's article points out that 61 percent of LDS voters nationwide voted for Trump in 2016, according to the Pew Research Center. I voted for Evan McMullin in Utah, the independent candidate. My primary reason for doing so was that candidate Donald Trump had never held any elected office anywhere. Anyone seeking the highest office in the USA ought to have some solid experience in serving at the local, state or national levels of government service. Candidate Trump had none of that. I've worked closely with some former U.S. presidents, governors and state and local government officials across each of our 50 states. Nonetheless, I want President Trump to be successful. He continues to make rookie mistakes of many kinds. His tweeting gets in the way of making good policies at our national level. He offends many on the right and left both. I hope he will learn on the job quickly to serve all Americans well. We can all yet hope and pray that our President Trump will serve Americans well. We are living in exceptional times, when nuclear weapons and crises of all kinds in many countries, and the limits of our ability to rescue all people, seem to fall on his shoulders and those of our national leaders.

Robert Goss

American Fork