Charlie Riedel, AP
Houston Astros fans celebrate after their win against the Los Angeles Dodgers during Game 3 of baseball's World Series Friday, Oct. 27, 2017, in Houston.

Thousands of fans attended a parade in celebration of the Houston Astros' first-ever World Series victory this year.

According to CNN, the victory had more significance than just a win for the professional baseball team. After an estimated $180 billion in damage from Hurricane Harvey only two months before, the victory was also a needed relief for Houston natives.

But when one Astros fan accidentally dropped her hat from the ninth story of a parking garage, the celebration took a little turn. Determined to return the hat to its owner, the people of Houston worked together tossing it back up the side of the garage, one floor at a time.

You can watch their teamwork in action here.

In the end, the Astros fans were successful, giving them another reason to celebrate.

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