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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson listens as President Donald Trump announces that the United States will designate North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism during a cabinet meeting at the White House, Monday, Nov. 20, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Here’s a look at the news for Nov. 21.

Trouble for Layton family who received a year’s worth of groceries

A Layton military couple were given $10,000 worth of free groceries on Friday.

But the day before, the couple were in a courtroom, accused of felony theft charges, according to the Deseret News.

The couple, Stephanie and Nicholas Mannino, are accused of stealing $5,000 worth of items from a Layton department store.

Deputy Davis County attorney Jeff Thompson told the Deseret News that he was “concerned” that the couple received free groceries.

"Given the specific criminal allegations, I can see why society might have an interest in and be concerned about the circumstances," he said.

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How BASE jumpers celebrate Thanksgiving

BASE jumpers are celebrating Thanksgiving in Moab this week at the Turkey Boogie event, according to the Deseret News.

Turkey Boogie brings between 60 and 70 BASE jumpers to the Moab area. With their family and friends in tow, jumpers often celebrate the thrill of BASE jumping and hope to raise money to support it.

The jumpers also want to “show their appreciation for search and rescue teams and outdoor management agencies,” according to the Deseret News.

"A lot of people formulate opinions of the activity or the community without really knowing much. It can be very taboo or scary or polarizing," organizer Matt Laj told the Deseret News. "Moab embraces it, and in fact most of Utah allows us to BASE jump, and it's kind of our way … of giving back and maintaining positive relationships with a community that is good to us."

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New information in 1995 murder?

Rosie Tapia’s family says they have new information about their 6-year-old daughter’s murder from 22 years ago, according to the Deseret News.

The new information includes a potential suspect.

"We do believe that we have some fairly solid information about a potential suspect and one or two other persons of interest who may have been witnesses,” said attorney Karra Porter, who represents the Tapia family.

The family said they’ve met with Salt Lake police and discussed the new information. The police said the leads are legitimate.

"I think these are promising leads,” Porter said. "(Police) considered one or more of these leads to be quite credible."

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Trump imposes sanctions on North Korea

President Donald Trump declared North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism on Wednesday, Time magazine reported. And now, he’s imposing some sanctions.

North Korea will join Iran, Sudan and Syria on the “terror blacklist,” according to Time.

Adding North Korea to the list is “a largely symbolic step as the administration already has the authority to impose virtually any sanctions it wants on Kim Jong Un’s government over its nuclear weapons development,” according to Time magazine.

Few details were announced on what the new sanctions would be.

“It will be the highest level of sanctions by the time it’s finished over a two-week period,” Trump said.

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