Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I read the recent editorial "Forgotten Wisdom" (Nov. 18) twice already and still I come away appalled at its logic. Face the truth, please. This GOP tax cut is for the rich, and a smattering of small cuts is given to the masses (temporarily) to "sell" it. The Deseret News editorial board must be able to see that. The board forgets to talk about Hatch's screaming fit because Sen. Sherrod Brown spoke truth, and it hurts to hear truth. I called Hatch's office and asked them if that was the right thing to do. Take from the poor and middle class and give to the rich? The editorial board needs to check its logic. The GOP has even said that their large donors will cut them off if this tax cut for the rich isn't passed. Because Hatch is a Republican doesn't mean he knows much — he's just an old cranky man who is so out of touch — which is what the editorial seems to be — out of touch.

Richard Bell

Fruit Heights, Davis County