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Letter to the Editor

In a current poll titled "Do you think Utah's national monuments should be shrunk?", nearly 15,000 people from Utah have participated. Over 54 percent of the votes from Utah are for no boundary adjustments to Bears Ears and Grand Staircase.

I called Congressman Bishop's office and told them about the poll and was told the poll data could not be trusted. Sen. Hatch’s office was also very skeptical of the data.

I also called Gov. Herbert's office and told them about the poll and the receptionist said that the monuments were too big and then asked if I was from down in that area. I live in the 84124 area code.

That's not the point.

The point is that the Utah delegation is misrepresenting the voice of the people of Utah. The majority don't want boundaries changed.

Another point is that any change Trump wants to do is illegal, according to the Antiquities Act.

Yet another point is that 92 percent of Bears Ears is already federally owned, meaning I, in 84124, have just as much claim to the federal land down there as the county commissioners who live there do.

And the Utah delegation needs to stop with acting like they don't want to develop the energy. In the Secretary Zinke recommendation to President Trump, that is one of the main thrusts Zinke is zeroing in on for reducing size. At least Sen. Hatch’s office didn’t try to deny the energy and mineral push.

Unfortunately, the entire Utah delegation is going to fall on the wrong side of history as they continue to ignore the majority of the people of Utah and use a corrupt and unlawful political vehicle to shrink the two monuments.

Tyler Rice