Walt Handelsman, Tribune Content Agency
This is a political cartoon.

Last week, four women spoke out against Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for the Senate seat from the state of Alabama.

The women said Moore had sexually harassed them years ago when he was in his 30s and the women were all 18 or younger. Four more women came forward with allegations of misconduct on Wednesday, according to The New York Times.

Moore has since denied the claims, saying they are an excuse to take down his campaign and prevent him from putting the focus on God.

"I’m now facing allegations — that’s all the press want to talk about," Moore said at a conference in Alabama, according to the Los Angeles Times. "But I want to talk about the issues. I want to talk about where this country’s going. And if we don’t come back to God, we’re not going anywhere."

Since then, news has swirled around the controversy.

Sean Hannity of Fox News called out Moore for inconsistencies in his story and issued the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court an ultimatum — that he explain the inconsistencies in his story or step down from the Senate race.

Moore responded on Twitter with a public letter to Hannity, in which he said he has "endured the same treatment other Republicans have had to endure."

Hannity has since backed down from his ultimatum, according to The Huffington Post.

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