Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I remember valued lessons taught by my mother. One was to be grateful and show gratitude and appreciation for blessings. When I, an ungrateful teenager, displayed a prideful, selfish attitude, she uttered: “You ungrateful stink.” I hated to hear that epithet from my wonderful mother, though a true statement.

We have numerous ungrateful stinks. Many are in the sports and political arena, illustrated by actions of many within the sports world, whose ridiculous, outrageous salaries are so out of proportion to salaries of many essential workers, such as schoolteachers, firemen, sanitation workers, electricians, secretaries, etc. Many within the political arena (both parties) are so prideful they won’t cross party lines to vote or support that which is beneficial to America. Party loyalty takes precedence over true values for America and loyalty as expressed by President Abraham Lincoln in his marvelous, patriotic Gettysburg Address.

Analyzing President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address reveals numerous Americans not appreciating contents of his message. Perhaps this address should be mandatory reading (at least annually) within all educational communities, with students following on their personal copies.

Alden Wynn