Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

We can do better at taking care of our earth. We must do better. We can not justify our actions with phrases like “it’s just business.” When we excuse bad behavior for the sake of a higher profit, we all become culpable, especially when it leads to neglecting our shared environmental stewardship.

When we value the bottom line over our stewardship of this planet, we are telling the creator, "thanks for all the hard work but I’ve got to make a buck. Sorry about defacing creation." He certainly has a way for us to make a living and be good stewards of the planet, but we must be willing to figure out how.

When we value profit over stewardship, we tell families, "good luck breathing the air and drinking the water poisoned by our cut costs and spewed pollution."

When we are ungrateful stewards, we risk harming creation and families. I’m not ready to take that risk. Are you?

Taking care of the planet is important business and each person must be wholly invested in the effort.

Page Checketts