Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

In July 1976, I was asked to host Orrin Hatch who was running for the Senate. He showed up, and the message he had was: "Sen. Moss has had two terms and he is running for a third term. If I am elected, I will only serve two terms. Senators should leave the Senate after the second term."

I really believed he was sincere. My question to Sen. Hatch is, "When are you going to quit running for the Senate?" Right now, he has been in the Senate longer than anyone in the Senate at this time. When is he going to retire? I think he has "outlived" his "only two terms" a long time ago. Please Sen. Hatch, please do not run again. You have overstayed that "two-term" promise years ago. It is time for you to retire.

Margaret Brough