Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

KSL recently had on their news broadcast a section about gangs. I agree that this is a big problem. I feel that the role of the family is being diminished. This is being done, in part, by the voices pushing for moms to go to work. Because of this, teens often turn to social media for support and less toward family; they do not understand their roles as male or female, and there is very little parenting being done. Children are telling parents what they want to do. The children are becoming parents, and parents are becoming children. Parents also teach and discipline less and show less love to their children. In addition, religion is not as wide-spread as it once was. Religion teaches the importance of families.

If we can turn the clock back 50 or 200 years where family was the center of society, we would have less crime and a happier society.

David West

West Jordan