Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Tweeting by politicians, from the president on down, is idiocy de jour. One of Robert Browning's poems has this most pertinent line, "Think first, fight afterwards — the soldier's art."

Tweets, emails, Facebook, all the so-called social media — which is, in reality, anti-social in effect — encourages people to react without thinking. This is the antithesis of wisdom.

As to the tweet of Dr. Kathie Allen: Mormonism had little to do with the outcome of the election. I assure her as a native of Wyoming, which is 12 percent Mormon — and where I live much of the year and vote — the outcome and percentages would have been exactly the same. It is the nanny state that a large majority in the mountain states deeply distrust (outside perhaps the Salt Lake and Denver conurbations), whether they be Mormons, of which I am one, or not.

Ron Holdaway