Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Do you realize that Utah’s gun laws allow a person with a concealed-carry permit to enter an elementary school with a gun?

When I enter a sporting event, they often check my purse for outside drinks and food, but in most instances I could take in an assault weapon. Because of this, I also find myself looking for the exit when I attend events and scanning the location for shooter positions.

When I asked my representative if he would support banning assault weapons, his response was he believes in supporting the Second Amendment. I also support the Second Amendment and find it strange that our elected officials can’t distinguish between weapons designed for mass carnage and the intention of the Second Amendment. It is time for Utah to ask itself if this is the society we want and to require that both our national and state representatives act to protect all of us from senseless acts of gun violence. All of Utah’s congressional delegation supports the repeal of legislation designed to keep mentally ill people from purchasing guns. Commonsense regulations are desperately needed.

Sarah Buck

Salt Lake City