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SALT LAKE CITY — When it comes to flashing the U — "The Real U," as U. of U. supporters will proudly point out contrary to what University of Miami faithful claim — Utah fans seem to follow Dr. Seuss-like guidelines.

They flash it here and there.

In their seats. In the air.

They flash it everywhere.

They flash it high and low, even while in Mexico.

They form a U with their hands.

They show support, these red-clad fans.

Now a wildly popular and fun part of being a Ute fan, the tradition began in 2001 with the gymnastics team. It's since exploded into something Utah fans do to show school spirit on social media, at games and, heck, just about anywhere — especially if a camera is involved or if they get hit by their friend (as demonstrated in this video).

The Utah hand signal seems easy enough, but some versions more accurately resemble a W, V or triangle than a U.

We enlisted some experts — Ute cheerleaders and a few Utah fans — and some, well, non-compliant outsiders at a recent football game to get the scoop on how to properly flash the U.