Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Movie ratings have been around for quite some time now. Actually, they were started in 1968 to be exact. When it comes to our rating system, do we actually abide by it? Is it something we pay attention to when we see a movie or let our children see a movie? Does having a rating system matter?

We might need to do something to our rating system to help us understand why we have one and to help us keep our children from things that shouldn’t be seen at those stages in life. If some say media has an effect on people then we should regulate it more and have more of a meaningful rating system. If we don’t care what our children see then we should just get rid of the system and leave it up to the parents' regulation on what is going to be viewed by their children. If we have easy access to most things in this world, what is wrong with getting rid of our movie rating system?

Kyle Clark

St. George