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Cover image of "Survival of the King's Daughter."

"SURVIVAL OF THE KING'S DAUGHTER," by Renae Weight Mackley, Covenant Communications, e-book $4.99, 246 pages (f)

Karlinah, daughter of Lamoni, is finally finding peace in her life as "Survival of the King's Daughter" opens. She has a wonderful husband and two small children, and she seems to have a sense of purpose after the trauma of her first marriage. Though she feels blessed to have escaped from her previous circumstances, there are still doubts in her heart about the message of Ammon and his Nephite companions. And despite her love for her new husband, Cumroth, she is still struggling to commit fully to the doctrines of the Nephite missionaries.

In Renae Weight Mackley’s follow-up to “Secrets of the King’s Daughter,” readers will find Karlinah struggling with a new life while feeling forced to make life-changing decisions. Because her father, King Lamoni, has asked the new Christian converts to lay down their arms, difficult choices will need to be made. The results are sure to be devastating to many, especially those who have gained a testimony of Jesus Christ and his gospel. And Karlinah, with a new family, finds the choices are even more difficult.

Mackley’s continuing saga is a welcome treat to those who enjoyed her first volume. But the events in this story will raise many questions for the characters and force them to consider their true allegiances and willingness to make and keep covenants.

While the story has a basis in the Book of Mormon, these experiences are fabricated for entertainment purposes. The author has included many recognizable names and experiences but has also added new characters to fill the plots she creates. At times, the story does seem to drag a little, but the flow is even enough that readers will generally have a positive experience.

"Survival of the King's Daughter" is only available as an e-book. There is no sexual content or foul language and the violence mirrors that in the Book of Mormon.

Mackley is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has lived in California and Utah.

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