Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Intelligent design theory needs to be introduced to the classroom as a counterpoint for natural selection and evolution. It is based on science and can only be used to imply the possibility of divine intervention, so there are no religion or state issues with it. It doesn’t provide proof of a personal God. That knowledge can only be received through personal faith, spiritual experience and testimony, totally within the realm of religion.

Intelligent design is self-evident in the creation of life, especially life at the molecular level. The creation of life is extremely complex and also very precise in the sequence of creation. Specific processes have to take place at specific times and places for life to be possible. Mistakes and natural selection can’t qualify for such processes. Once molecular biology is established, it is possible for environmental conditions to modify life forms. It would be a disservice to students to not introduce them to intelligent design theory.

J. David Baxter

Salt Lake City