Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Last week's Deseret News ran excerpts of Doug Wilks' interview with editor Martin Baron of the Washington Post. When asked by Wilks how he would define "fake news," Baron replied, "The president's idea of fake news is anything that does not conform to his account of events. ..." Baron further said, "And he has certain supporters who stayed with him and believe in him very strongly ... and they're willing to accept whatever he says. If he says it's fake news, it must be fake news."

Wrong again, Barron. What an amazing admission of bias in your thinking and a great insult to those wise enough to have elected Trump over Hillary. Printed and spoken "news" should be either the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, or it is mostly biased opinion and "fake" to a greater or lesser extent. It is easy to tell the difference in this age of video and audio recording and with at least one news network willing to be "fair and balanced." When a "news" organization like Baron's lives in a crooked house that leans far left, straight-up news appears to them to lean far right and they won't print it as is. Most Washington Post articles about Trump are negative or extremely negative. To paraphrase and insert Trump into an illustration once given by William F. Buckley, Baron's paper would hypothetically print, "Trump pushes woman in front of bus," leaving the reader with the impression the author wants readers to believe, that Trump attempted to kill the woman. The true headline would read, "Trump pushes woman from in front of moving bus, saving her life."

Ron Paxton