Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Like many thousands of listeners, I found it difficult to believe KBYU FM will be reduced to an echo of its former self. Pictures of the studio show thousands of classical and other nonscreaming music CDs on the shelves. What a great loss of the station's contents, both musical and physical, if it goes off the air. What will then fill those shelves?

I have an idea to explore. Could we the listeners put together an organization to purchase the station and all those beautiful CDs and retain and expand its capabilities on a new FM frequency to remove the station from BYU's lineup? Could a nonprofit corporation be set up where those who donate would actually own voting shares in the new station? These could be bought and sold so that stockholders could always determine the program content of what is becoming a rare and unique asset to both Utah and the radio spectrum worldwide.

Perhaps the station might then even grow in size and scope, as it will surely grow in artistic value.

Gordon Young

Salt Lake City