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Whitney Butters Wilde
The concept of SLABpizza, which has locations in Lehi and Provo, is unique as customers can order slabs — one-fourth of a 20-inch pizza — in over 50 different varieties, including Buffalo wing and Three Meats.

LEHI — There’s a question that employees at SLABpizza won’t answer: “Which slab is the best?”

“It's a question we hear every day and one which we never answer — but only because they are all the best,” the pizzeria’s website states. “We meet all different types of people who enjoy/swear by/are addicted to different slab flavors. There are so many perfect options, not one of them is the ‘best.’”

The concept of SLABpizza, which has locations in Lehi and Provo, is unique as customers can order slabs — one-fourth of a 20-inch pizza — in over 50 different varieties, with the option to order individual slabs or mix and match four slabs to create a whole pizza.

We awarded SLABpizza a three out of six slices.

The menu is divided into Traditional Pies, Premium Pies, Super Premium Pies and Super Duper Premium Pies, with combinations as varied as traditional pepperoni to Thai chicken to chicken cordon bleu to fennel sausage and chevre to a breakfast pizza with red sauce, potato, bacon, sausage, green chile, red pepper and egg. Yes, the combinations are endless, but pizza traditionalists may question whether some of the ingredients, such as potatoes, belong on pizza.

While I didn’t ask the employee behind the counter what the best pizza is, I did ask him what some of the more popular ones are. He listed off about five varieties, including Buffalo wing, so I ordered a slab of that and a slab of a more traditional Three Meats.

One-fourth of a pizza is a generous single serving, which is nice if you just want the pizza for one meal and don’t really want leftovers. The pizza was brought to my table quickly, which was nice, but it was served on a piece of parchment paper. Although this is how the pizza is apparently always served at SLAB, it is inconvenient for anyone who may prefer to eat their pizza with a knife and fork.

Both the Buffalo wing and Three Meats pizzas had pliable crust that had a bit of a crunch without being crispy, and both were on the skimpy side for toppings.

The Buffalo wing included creamy bleu cheese sauce, chicken, hot sauce and celery — another example of an ingredient that some may say doesn't belong on pizza. Although the toppings were unbalanced, it was flavorful and slightly spicy without overdoing it.

The Three Meats with red sauce, pepperoni, ham and sausage should be a straightforward pizza to execute, but SLAB’s take on a classic meat pizza left a lot to be desired. The red sauce was bland and nothing had been done to enhance the meats. There wasn’t really anything special or good about it, and it wasn’t much better than a frozen pizza.

The Lehi location has a sleek aesthetic with light wood and metal tables, chairs and accents throughout. There is plenty of seating, but the smallest table fits six people, so if the restaurant is busy, smaller groups may have to double up.

While SLABpizza may not be the best pizza you’ve ever had, the restaurant’s format and huge selection make it an ideal and affordable place for large groups and families with varying palates to please.

Locations: 3430 N. Ashton Blvd., Lehi; and 671 E. 800 North, Provo

Price: $5-$11 per slab (one-fourth of a 20-inch pizza)

Slice score: 3 out of 6