Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I have supported Sen. Hatch ever since I was impressed with one of his speeches in the old Gunnison High School building in the '70s. Fairly recently, as a state delegate, my whole voting constituency urged me to support him again. Later, I wrote to him about the terribly high costs for insulin pens as a Type 2 diabetic. His reply was that we did not want to discourage the pharmaceuticals from coming up with better inventions (medicines). I wondered at the time if the rumors were true that he had accepted monies from Big Pharma. According to Markus Zimmer ("Opioid lobbying," Oct. 24), he did accept that money. My disappointment is keen. I hope Sen. Hatch will accept our thanks for the good he has done over the years and then graciously bow out of another term. No one is indispensable, and Romney has just as great a name recognition and is no "pushover." I hope other readers of the Deseret News will also speak up.

Earl Elmont

Pleasant Grove