Gordon Hayward Instagram
Gordon Hayward shoots a half-court shot from a chair Tuesday in Boston.

Because of his injury, Gordon Hayward will not participate in the All-Star Game this season.

If the NBA adds a 3-point-shooting-from-a-chair contest, the former Utah Jazz player might be a shoe-in entrant, though.

Hayward had season-ending surgery to repair his broken left leg three weeks ago, but that isn't stopping him from having some fun on the court. On Tuesday, he shared a fun video from the Boston Celtics' practice facility.

"Gotta have some fun within the grind!" Hayward wrote on his Instagram account. "Can you make a half court shot in a chair? (Harder then (sic) it looks) #improveeveryday"

Celtics general manager Danny Ainge shared a photo Monday of Hayward shooting from the same chair, although it was situated within the free-throw lane during that shooting session.