Spenser Heaps, Deseret News
Cosmo the Cougar's viral success has been a bright spot in BYU's football season.

When BYU faced Boise State in early October, Cosmo hit the field for a dance to “Rollie with a Dab of Ranch” by Ayo and Teo and now the viral video has garnered over 2.7 million views.

After the popularity of the video, Cosmo and a Cougarette released a tutorial video with BYU Cougarette Nicole Thorley and invited everyone to “grab your squad and upload your dance.”

The Oregon Duck was the first mascot to heed the call. He happened to do so when the University of Oregon faced off with BYU’s rival, University of Utah.

When Bleacher Report shared a tweet highlighting the dance-off between the two mascots and asked who has the better moves, other mascots decided to join the battle.

Kansas University’s Baby Jay took a second to boast as he danced along with Big Jay to Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble.”

The University of Minnesota’s Goldy Gopher opted for a classic from “Grease” for his dance-off soundtrack.

Brutus Buckeye from Ohio State University showed off his moves in yet another response.

Arizona’s State Sparky the Sun Devil claimed he is the only one who really knows how to “Walk It Out.”

This isn’t the first time Cosmo has gone viral for his dance moves. In October 2016, Cosmo joined the Cougarettes to dance to “Do It Like Me” by iAmDLOW.