Brinn Willis
Students from Southern Virginia University perform with Alex Boyé in his new cover of "Believer."

This week's UTubers features a lot of people dressed in costumes. Alex Boyé dons a knight costume, Daniel from "What's Inside" wears a giant iPhone poop emoji costume and "Studio C" cast member Stephen Meek dresses up as ... Pitbull.

Alex Boyé recently paid a visit to Southern Virginia University and announced that he planned to return to record a music video with the school's students.

“You’re probably wondering what (I’m doing) at Southern Virginia University,” Boyé told the students in September, according to a press release. “Well, I’ll tell you, and I’ll keep it short. I’m here to film a music video with you.

“This music video, you are all going to be involved in it. I’ve got your choir involved; I even want the football team involved, the softball team, the lacrosse team; in fact, I want everyone.”

He returned in October and, during a three-day shoot, the music video of Boyé's cover of Imagine Dragons' "Believer" was filmed. The video has now been viewed over 48,000 times.

The father-son duo from "What's Inside" cut open an iPhone for the first time after receiving many requests from fans. The two first explore the iPhone X's animojis, a new facial recognition feature that combines the user's movements with their favorite emoji, before cutting the phone open.

In one of the latest "Studio C" sketches, a mother tries to convince her son that Pitbull is not under his bed.

"He just kept saying the same words at the end of each line as though it was an actual substitute for a proper rhyme," the boy explains to his mother. "It was terrible."

Later, when the mother says "Girls on the beach," Pitbull appears again.

"Your room really is featuring Pitbull!" the mother exclaims. "Don't worry, baby. According to legend, we can banish him if we just close our eyes and say 'Miami' three times."