Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

There are stop signs for a reason. They are not there to remind you to stop; they are there to tell you to stop. I live at a busy four-way intersection in Salt Lake City. There are stop signs, and the crosswalk is frequently used by pedestrians, usually kids. Very often, children walk to and from the park at the intersection. When we have cars speeding past the stop signs, this could be potentially fatal to anyone crossing.

I recently got my driver's permit and I am slowly learning how to drive. One time I drove up to the four-way stop, and I made sure to come to a complete stop. I looked left, then right, and I was about to proceed when a car came speeding from the right and turned the corner without slowing down. This is a problem for everyone. The car could have hit a pedestrian or another car. We need to enforce the rules of the road in neighborhoods.

Sophie Ewing

Salt Lake City